Tomsk Region Expands Partnership with Inter RAO


The partnership of Tomsk Region Administration and PAO Inter RAO keeps developing. Deputy Governor for Industrial Policy Igor Shaturny held a working meeting with a member of the Board and Production Manager of PAO Inter RAO Pavel Okley and representatives of Tomsk National Research Polytechnic University.

The participants discussed the ways to engage scientific and educational resources of higher institutions of Tomsk Region for PAO Inter RAO problem solving. In particular, the specialists have considered a mathematical model to define operating life of primary and auxiliary thermal station equipment, repair and maintenance planning, cost reduction and accident-free operation extension.

As a result of the talks, the representatives of Tomsk National Research Polytechnic University

and PAO Inter RAO agreed to continue the cooperation on extension of secure and accident-free operation of power equipment.

Inter RAO facilities are widely equipped with pressure gages, digital radio relay devices, process automation equipment, cables and wiring, electric drives and other electric equipment manufactured in Tomsk Region. The most active partners of the work flow chart are AO NPF Micran, OAO Manotom, AO EleSi, AO Sibkabel, OOO Tomsk Cabel Plant.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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