Tomsk Region Governor has Designated a New Working Area For Constructors


Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin at the administration of the region held a meeting with the heads of building companies, heads of municipalities and bankers, where he tasked construction industry in the implementation of national projects.

“The main goal of national projects approved by President Vladimir Putin is improving the quality of life of the population. Achieving this goal mostly depends on the constructors,” said Sergey Zhvachkin at the beginning of the meeting.
As the governor stated, the first task facing the construction complex is to increase the volume of housing construction. By 2025, Tomsk region should reach the level of 723 thousand square meters per year. And in just six years, the housing commissioning (high-rise and private, urban and non-urban areas) should be at least 3 million 714 thousand "squares".

“It's noteworthy, that we have already agreed to reach a figure of one million square meters of housing per year. And we still working towards this objective, - said the governor of the Tomsk region. - And it's not only housing. Every new residential area in the Tomsk region should have schools, kindergartens, hospitals, roads and everything necessary for a comfortable life, it's a rule now. So, we are going to build new microdistricts and get under control already existing ones.”

Speaking of potential for development of the building complex and housebuilding, the governor noted that there are 1,450 hectares of vacant areas only in the Tomsk agglomeration. Almost 12 million square meters of housebuildings can be built there, it possibly solving the integration problem of Tomsk, Seversk and Tomsk district. As the head of the region specified, there are also renovation areas of the existing housing funds in the regional center: this resource is 115 hectares, on which 1.4 million square meters of housings can be built.

The reduction of untenable quarters is the second task of the national project. According to Sergey Zhvachkin, over the next six years, almost 7,000 residents of the Tomsk region will be relocated from the slums. And for this action to be done 125 thousand square meters of slums need to be resettled.

“As a governor and a constructor, I know very well that the biggest deterrent at a construction site is a shortage of money, materials, equipment and labour. So, with the implementation of national projects there will be no shortage of financial resources. Only this year, under the national projects, we must construct, renovate, design 70 objects worth 4.5 billion rubles. Construction works will be carried out in 17 municipalities of the region. This is a tremendous job, considerable orders and a heavy responsibility,” the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin emphasized at the meeting.

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