Tomsk Plant TIZ plans technical re-equipment of manufacture


Tomsk plant OOO "Tomsky Instrumentalnyi zavod" (TIZ) plans to spend up to three billion rubles for technical re-equipment within ten years.

The director of the plant Sergey Shvartsev reported the director of the Tomsk region on industrial policy, Igor Shaturny, during his working visit to the plant.

"The goal of modernization is to double numbers and reach the level of a billion rubles in production and sales over the next five years.

Since 2015, we have purchased 20 units of high-tech equipment for various programs. But we continue to develop and create workplaces. We plan to replace more than two hundred machines. It is necessary to switch to modern equipment, as the requirements for product quality are constantly increasing. And young people are more interested to work on modern machines,"— noted Sergey Shvartsev.

He also said that in 2006-2008, the plant directed more than 300 million rubles to transfer manufacture to an industrial site in the village of Loskutovo, another half a billion was spent on technical re-equipment. Since 2015, TIZ has been implementing an investment project "Creating a high-tech production of a range of import-substituting cutting tools, including solid carbide with wear-resistant coatings for processing light alloys, titanium alloys, heat-resistant and stainless steels".

The acquisition of high-class equipment made it possible by the third quarter of 2018 to launch the serial production of special mills for machining light and titanium alloys. Competitive advantages of the new tool are increased durability, reliability and quality of processing of products from modern titanium and light alloys, stainless and heat-resistant steels at a cost up to 30% lower compared to similar products of world brands and domestic analogues.

In order to control the parameters of the instrument, in January 2019, the company purchased new equipment, which conducts product research with the issuance of quality certificates. In addition, from the second half of 2018, the plant introduces a comprehensive enterprise management information system 1C ERP 8.3.

The products of the the plant are in demand by Russian enterprises of the aviation, space industry, automobile, tractor, agricultural and general industrial engineering, Russian Railways, and the military industrial complex. Geography of deliveries - Russia, CIS countries, Ukraine, there is a potential for access to the markets of distant foreign countries.

"Today we see the results of technical re-equipment conducted by TIZ, in which 500 million rubles have been invested. The tool released by the TIZ competes with world-class products. TIZ also received state support in the form of a subsidy from the regional budget in the amount of 20 million rubles to compensate the interest rate and leasing payments," — said Deputy Governor Igor Shaturny.

He added that by the decision of Sergey Zhvachkin a regional fund for the development of industry was created. The head of the region seeks to increase the volume of state support for Tomsk industry, attracting the resources of all federal development institutions.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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