Tomsk Region Governor and First Deputy Head of "Rosatom" Signed new Agreement


The signing of a new cooperation agreement between the Tomsk Region and the Rosatom State Corporation was held on March 26 at the Museum of the History of the Siberian Chemical Combine in the Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit of Seversk.

The first agreement was signed by Governor Sergey Zhvachkin with the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko in 2012, Seversk. They had an agreement to build the power supply package with the fast neutron reactor BREST-300 at the largest Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit in Russia. These plans came to life, and the "Proryv" project launched at the site of the Siberian Chemical Combine was one of the largest construction projects in the country.

"But we with "Rosatom" decided not to limit ourselves only in the field of nuclear energy cooperation. After all, the needs of the economy open great prospects for the region and the company,"— the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin commented on the new agreement.

The head of the region agreed with the leadership of the state corporation on joint development of energy storage, equipment development for the oil and gas industry, energy, petrochemistry, shipbuilding and small generation, in automated control systems, nuclear medicine, additive, radiation and other technologies.

Also, Sergey Zhvachkin and Alexander Lokshin agreed to develop a territory of priority development created by a government decree and a small business in Seversk.

"Relations of the Tomsk region and the state corporation are long-standing, close and mutually beneficial. We have many plans and ideas, points of convergence. Today’s agreement will make our relations even more effective,"—Tomsk Governor Sergey Zhvachkin said.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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