Plan for Creating Investment Facilities and Infrastructure

In order to ensure favourable investment climate in Tomsk Region , create open information environment for investors, coordinate activities on formation of a plan for creating investment facilities and facilities of required transport, energy, social, engineering, utility and telecommunications infrastructure of Tomsk Region,  by order of Governor of Tomsk Region № 349-р  of 26.09.2013 the Investment Department of Tomsk Region was declared responsible for formation and annual renewal of the general plan for creating investment and infrastructure facilities in Tomsk Region.

The plan for investment objects and infrastructure is shaped annually, as of January 1 of the present year up to March 20. Quarterly plan revision for the creation of investment objects and infrastructure is also outlined. The plan revision on the portal is carried out not later than the 20th of the month, following the quarter when the changes are made, if any.

The plan is a set of all key infrastructure facilities the construction and reconstruction of which are specified in valid plans and programs of the Russian Federation in the territory of the respective region as well as municipal formations, including those based on terms of state and private partnership, investment programs of subjects of natural monopolies and business entities with state participation. At that, information about the sources (including budgetary appropriations of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation and regional investment funds) and the amounts of financing (or reference to absence of approval of financing), scheduled time-periods for commissioning and actual state (preparation or execution stages), being at the disposal of the executive authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation, are specified in respect to each subject. The plan also includes information about the investment facilities to be constructed (or reconstructed) with specification of required capacities of consumption of energy resources.



The plan for investment objects and infrastructure


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