Transport Infrastructure

Total length of automobile roads with hard coating in the territory of Tomsk Region is 7,156 km.

There have been built automobile roads providing interregional connections in directions Tomsk – Yurga; Tomsk – Kozhevnikovo – Novosibirsk, Tomsk – Mariinsk.

Length of waterways is 5,195 km. Navigable rivers are Ob, Vasyugan, Ket, Tom, Parabel, Chulym and Chaya.

Operational length of railroads is 346 km, the main road is Bely Yar – Tomsk – Taiga.

Two airports operates in the territory of Tomsk Region – in Tomsk and Strezhevoy, 15 take-off and landing areas. In 2010 an airport Bogashevo in Tomsk confered a international status.

Prospects of development of the transport sector of Tomsk Region up to 2025 in intensive scenario:

  1. Strong competitive positions of the transport system of Tomsk Region include:

    Growth of demands of cargo-generating industries for services of transport industry.

    Since 2000 there is a constant growth of cargo turnover due to an increase in the growth of the region’s economy and an increase in internal consumption.

    The leading positions in transport of cargo belong to automobile and pipeline transport – 87.4% of the total volume of cargo generation.

  2. Developed river network. A density of river networks of Tomsk Region is higher and more regularly distributed across the territory of the region in comparison with other transport networks. At present about 85% of the region’s population live on banks of navigable rivers of Tomsk Region, and only 2% are encompassed by passenger water transport

    By the volume of cargo transported by river, Tomsk Region, according to the data of 2006, takes the 13th place in the Russian Federation and the 2nd place in the Siberian Federal District.

  3. Developed system of training highly-qualified personnel. The large scientific and educational center of Tomsk accommodates several specialised universities and institutes, colleges, which specialize in training specialists for the transport sector.

    In the structure of graduates in Tomsk Region the largest share belongs to specialists with higher education – 53%, the share of students who are employed based on their specialty at enterprises of automobile and railroad transport sector exceeds 70% of the total number of graduates.

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