March 22-25, a delegation of Tomsk Region visited Metz in Lorraine, France.


A delegation of Tomsk Region led by Deputy Governor Vladislav Zinchenko visited Metz in Lorraine, France. There, small innovative firms and universities of Tomsk presented their projects and met with Lorraine's industrialists and representatives of scientific community during the "Day of Innovations" organized by the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Association for Lorraine (CSTL). Also, the regions agreed to hold "Days of Lorraine" in Tomsk and "Days of Tomsk" in Lorraine within a year with a purpose to unify cultural events and business and science-related meetings. All agreements were fixed in the Memorandum of Intent signed by Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress and President of the Regional Council of Lorraine Mr Jean-Pierre Masseret.

Source: Department of International and Regional Relations of the Tomsk Region Administration
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