The session of Supervisory Board of Tomsk Special Economic Zone took place in Tomsk Region


Three companies presented their projects today to supervisory board of Tomsk technology development special economic zone.

According to business plans of potential residents of Tomsk SEZ, total volume of investments into implementations of the projects will amount more than 500 million rubles. One of the companies is planning to work at construction of new medical equipment on the territory of special economic zone, the second one is going to elaborate modern security systems, and the third one will create new materials.

All three projects were adopted by the supervisory board. Further they will be analyzed at another session of Expert Council for Technology Development Special Economic Zones in Moscow, where it may be decided to award statuses of Tomsk SEZ residents to the companies.

Presentation of a part of Singapore Company "Jurong Consultants PTE Ltd" report regarding the issues of strategic and prospective plans of Tomsk SEZ development was demonstrated to the supervisory board participants. Mrs. Lim Keng, chief planner of Jurong Consultants PTE Ltd, presented analyses of SEZ development and priority industries in Tomsk, Russia and the world, and introduced recommendations about potential residents from among big world companies.

For your reference:

Tomsk Special Economic Zone, established on December 25, 2005, is one of four Russian technology development special economic zones. It is located on two land plots (North and South areas) with total territory of 207 hectares.

57 resident companies are currently registered on Tomsk SEZ terriroty, which have provided more than 1000 employment opportunities. 10 projects are implemented with participation of foreign capital. Resident companies' main guidelines are information-communicative and electronic technologies, technologies of new materials production, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and medical technologies.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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