Siberian Agrarian Group has been recognized as a worthy face of Russian business


Siberian Agrarian Group took the second place in the contest “Worthy face of Russian business” in two nominations: “the Leader of changes” with a video clip “a difficult logistic task” (for introduction of advanced technologies and new approaches in management) and “Precious contribution” with a video clip “the Holding offers opportunities” (for wisdom in decisions and commitment to excellence). 

The contest “Worthy face of Russian business” was held for the first time in 2013 with the support of the regional Department for Development of Entrepreneurship and the Real Sector of Economy and the Fund for development of small and medium-sized businesses of Tomsk Region. The contest engaged the representatives of small, medium-size and big businesses as well as public organizations and funds.

The objectives of the contest include:

  1. Highlighting the enterprises and organizations, conducting financial and business operations in accordance with the best working practices and methods.

  2. Strengthening and developing business ties at inter-regional and international levels.

  3. Training of entrepreneurs on modern highly efficient techniques and methods of reporting on the global networks

The Tomsk business representatives were competing not only in the volume of sales, according to the contest the entrepreneurs were required to present video clips to the jury and Internet community, where their work was clearly demonstrated.

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