The fifteenth Tomsk Innovation Forum INNOVUS-2013


In Tomsk from 22 to 23 May 2013 the fifteenth Anniversary Innovation Forum INNOVUS will take place. The organizers of the Forum - the Tomsk Region Administration and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The motto of the forum INNOVUS-2013 – “Energy of innovative development”.

For the first time in Russia’s practice the debate on the role of the raw materials sector of economy in innovation development of the regions and the country has initiated on the communication sites of the Forum.  The problem of introducing innovative solutions in the oil and gas industry, in the electrical power engineering, nuclear industry will be the subject of the panel discussion “Energy of innovative development”, thematic round tables with the participation of leading experts, representatives of state power bodies and businesses. The activities of federal development institutions are scheduled for forum days in Tomsk.

Exhibitions for innovative technologies and developments will traditionally take place within the Forum INNOVUS, a saturated youth program is envisaged. Public lectures of the leading scientists from Russia and other countries will take place for the first time for the guests and citizens of Tomsk.

The fifteenth Innovation Forum INNOVUS-2013 will be attended by the representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of Russia, the federal bodies of the executive power, Administration of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District, heads of Russia’s regions, top managers of large companies, Russian and foreign experts. The partners of the forum are the largest companies - JSC Gazprom, JSC Sibur, JSC Gazprombank and others.

The INNOVUS Forum’s program offers “the centers” of demand for innovation, large players of the raw materials sector of the Russian economy, participants of the national innovation system, innovation clusters, technological platforms, special economic zones to find methods for cooperation and strategic interest in each other facing new market, economic and technological challenges.

The forum INNOVUS offers the participants to carry out work in four principal areas, which are perhaps the key “areas” where the energy of innovative development is concentrated.

1. Energy of innovative development - in new technologies, industries, markets. Currently positioning in a market depends heavily on scientific and technological development and identifies the strategic priorities of the country for the creation of new industries. The players solving this problem are the centers of demand for innovations trying to deal with high implementation risks, gain a long-term innovative superiority in rapidly expanding segments of the global market. Series of activities involving State Corporations (GK Rosatom, JSC Gazprom) and the leading big sized companies (JSC “INTER RAO UES, JSC SIBUR Holding and JSC Tatneft) will be conducted at the Track “Energy-technologies”. The participants will discuss “the big game” in global markets, issues regarding investments in research and advanced development, inclusion in the technological revolution in the energy and raw materials sector, market incentives for high-tech projects in oil and gas industry, competition and search of new opportunities for leadership retention.

2. Energy of innovation development - in new competences, providing technological renewal of key sectors of Russia’s economy. Sessions on the development of the engineering activity in the twenty-first century, global education agenda and key competences will be held at the Track “Energy- competences”.

3. Energy of innovation development - in new financial instruments, ensuring implementation of investment projects and public-private-partnership projects in high-tech and raw materials sectors of the economy. Special attention will be devoted to the formation of venture capital funds and innovative infrastructure by the banks (Gazprombank, VTB, Promsvyazbank , Sberbank) for “raising” new technology and start-ups in the prioritized areas, for the upgrading of the technological base of traditional industries. The participants of the Forum will discuss these themes during the activities at the track “Energy- finance”.

4. Energy of innovation development – in the new environment, legislative framework, changes in the role of institutes. The forum’s program offers to answer the question of how the environment (urban, innovative, corporate, academic) should change, legal support and role of development institutions in the next economic cycle. The participants of the forum during the activities at the track “Energy-environment, law, institutes” will be able to propose new national and regional initiatives to create an environment, legal and institutional conditions for economic and innovative development of the raw materials sector of economy.

Live broadcasts of the Forum events will be available on our portal on 22 and 23 May.

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