14th Federal Sabantuy festival in Tomsk region will be a theatrical performance


June 14 and 15, Tomsk is hosting imaginative and sports competitions and large-scale theatrical performances of the end of sowing season festival Sabantuy. The festival will feature Tatar farmstead, 200-kg Tatar sweet chak-chak, and Best Batyr (strongman) Award.

According to Pavel Volk, head of department for culture and tourism, Tomsk region is hosting federal Sabantuy for the first time. Big celebration, along with international cinema forum “Zolotoy Vityaz” (Golden Knight) and international jazz festival, will become one of the key events of Year of Russian culture in the region. The festival will be attended by Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan.

14th Sabantuy grand opening is June 14, 19.30, starting with performance of Tatarstan and Tomsk region talents in Grand concert hall of the State philharmony of Tomsk region. June 15 celebrations will continue in Trud stadium. 9 in the morning in the Public garden “People’s friendship” festival will begin, featuring national centers and autonomies, and later that night on the Trud stadium a performance in a Tatar farmstead is the start of second day of Sabantuy.

The Trud stadium will be divided into two zones – the guest zone with the farmstead and the 200-kg Tatar sweet chak-chak and the central zone with Kurash wrestling and a car for the winner. According to Rustam Khusayenov, head of department of youth affairs and sports for the Nizhnekamsk municipal district, the prize will be given to the ultimate champion of Sabantuy-2014. The entrance to the stadium will be free, with all sites working simultaneously.

According to Murat Khusnutdinov, chair of national and cultural Tomsk Tatar autonomy, representatives of 60 regions have applied for participation, which means 1200 quests, including heads and activists of Tatar civic organizations, Crimean Tatar for the first time. The celebration will be theatrical, with the stadium as the stage, and the audience watching from the stands.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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