Tomsk Region Museums will open at night


During two days on May 16 and 17 a Long Night of Museums will take place in Tomsk Region. For the first time university and regional museums will be participating in the project.

In Tomsk Local Lore Museum ( 75, Lenin avenue) Long Night will start at 20.00 hrs on Friday. Visitors will see a rare Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, art items never exhibited before and collection of candelabra, musical instruments and coins. Sites of the museum will host one day exhibitions, retro-photographic studio and Mr. Astashev's Dinner Party, a cafe from the past, there will be mini-excursions, sand, drum and fire shows, fashion theater performances, ethnographic mini-festival, With post-horse order along the Siberian Route, an exhibition quest and a mini-zoo. Tomskers will be invited to a night excursion on the Museum's Pegasus, whereas another special bus (Along the Avenue and Back) will take the people to the museums of Tomsk State University and Siberian Botanical Garden, Museum Complex of Research Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University (Robonight program) and Tomsk Planetarium.

On the same day of May 16 the Long Night program will be organized for visitors of Tomsk City Museum on the Resurrection Hill and NKVD house of detention memorial museum (44, Lenin ave), in the first museum of Slavic mythology (12, Zagornaya st.), in Asinovsky, Kolpashevsky, Podgornensky Local Lore museums and Narymsky museum of political exile.

In Tomsk Region Arts Museum (3, Nakhanovich lane) the event will be conducted on Saturday from 18.00 hrs at the concert and exhibition halls. An impromptu hand-made market will be deployed in front of the museum and a fire show will be conducted. The participants of night excursions will find themselves at a classical music night where they will listen to jazz improvisations, watch costume photos and witness the experiments organized by the Entertaining Science Museum.

Long Night of Museums was first held in Berlin in 1997, Russia joined in 2002. Tomsk Region will have the event for the seventh time.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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