The third working semester for student construction brigades in the Tomsk region


2 335 members of student construction brigades from the Tomsk region will be working on construction sites all over Russia and abroad, in  children’s holiday camps, in the fields, industrial sites, railway lines and space bases.  

During the grand opening of the third working semester for student construction brigades, Chingis Akatayev, vice governor for social policy, has congratulated the students on behalf of the head of the region.

He said “In 2013, announced by the governor Sergey Zhvachkin the year of student construction brigades, our brigades have increased from 1 380 to 2 335 people. You worked at the Olympics construction, as camp counselors, in long distance trains, kept the Snow watch, performed at All-Russian forums and meetings won the sports events and contests. In 2013 Tomsk region celebrated the 50th anniversary of regional construction brigade movement, and in 2014 – 55th anniversary of student brigades in Russia.”

In the third working season “Raw land start” Tomsk students, from construction, pedagogical, agricultural, service, railway, medical brigades, train porter and electrical energy brigades in the Far East, in Yekaterinburg, on Sakhalin island, Kamchatka, in Novy Urengoy, Khakassia, Krasnodar territory, Bulgaria and Belarus.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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