A Tomsk delegation participates in the IV International Forum of industrial park projects «InPark-2014»


The Tomsk delegation with participation of representatives of the Tomsk region Investments Department and OJSC Development Corporation of Tomsk Region took part in the IV International Forum of industrial park projects «InPark-2014", held in Novosibirsk from 18-19 November, 2014.

The International Forum of industrial park projects «InPark» - is one of the largest Russian expert platforms for discussion of modern technology of investment development of the Russian regions and exchange of experiences on establishment and development of industrial park projects in the Russian regions, mainly in Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

The Forum unites more than 300 participants - representatives of the largest Russian and foreign companies, federal and regional ministries and departments. The Forum is include different types of discussions as a round table discussion about development of industrial parks.

The Forum’s purpose is the disclosure of potential of industrial park field in Russia and formation of the optimal conditions for development of industrial parks.

Objectives of the Forum:

• to formulate a specific proposals for development of public-private partnership in the field of industrial park projects;
• to promote a formation of federal and regional legislative base in the field of industrial parks;
• to develop a new tools and methods for attracting investment in industrial park field;
• to develop a joint proposals for development of small and medium business on the basis of industrial parks.

The Tomsk delegation present the project «Industrial park in Tomsk» at the Forum.

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