"Petrochemicals of the future" Forum will be held in Tomsk on November 10-11


"Petrochemicals of the Future" Forum, organized by the SIBUR research center for chemical technologies NIOST, will be held on November 10-11 in Tomsk.
The top-managers and the leaders of the SIBUR production platforms, the representatives of the federal and regional authorities, foreign and Russian partners, the heads of the leading academic institutions and higher educational institutions are invited for the participation in the event.
The panel discussion "Petrochemicals 20+", in which the participants will discuss the development of the global and Russian petrochemical industry in the 20 years prospective, as well as the experience of organizing R&D in Russia and abroad will be held within the framework of the forum. On the second day carrying out the conference with the lecturers on petroleochemistry and catalysis, polyolefinel, rubber substance and thermoplastic elastomers is planned, as well as conducting the round table discussions on the basis of the sections performance.
The forum aims to unite on one platform not only the representatives of SIBUR, but also the other industry companies and science representatives, to share the strategic vision of the development of petrochemical industry and try to predict what technologies and products will face the industry.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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