Объем инвестиций в основной капитал Томской области за год увеличился на 10, 4%


Investment in fixed assets in Tomsk Region over the six months 2011 totaled 36.4bn rubles and, in comparable prices, accounted for 110.4% of the amount of investment in fixed assets in the same period of 2010.

According to an estimate provided by the Region Department of Economy, in 2011, for the first time after the crisis, the construction sector and investments in Tomsk Region have demonstrated positive momentum. By the end of 2011, investments in the economy of the region are expected to total 83.4bn rubles. Given a less severe recession in Tomsk Region, the pre-crisis GRP levels will be surpassed earlier than countrywide.

Source: Tomsk Office of Russian Federal State Statistics Service
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