INOTomsk 2020 project to attract 40 billion of investments to the region before 2013


According to preliminary estimates, the INOTomsk 2020 project will provide 25,000 well-paid jobs in the region by 2020. As the Governor of the region Viktor Kress pointed out, the number of innovative enterprises should double "from today's 450 to at least 1,000."

"We should attract around 40 billion rubles from 2011 to 2013. A little more than half of this amount will be budget money," he added.

Viktor Kress reminded that the INOTomsk 2020 project consists of four main elements. The first block is universities. Higher education and science are expected to attract investments (budget and private) of up to 240 billion rubles by 2020.

The second block is the innovation infrastructure. According to the Governor, there are over 40 infrastructure elements that need funding.

The third block is the city infrastructure. Roads, places at nursery schools, housing. Several hundreds of 'super economy' apartments will be built for innovators under the project.

The fourth block is development of high technology production. The governor emphasized that the manufacturing sector in Tomsk should not be cumbersome. That will be achieved mostly through the SEZ.

Source: Vesti, Russia-24
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