Tomsk improves its key socioeconomic indicators in 2011


Over the 11 months of 2011 Tomsk Region increased its annual volume of own shipped goods by 4.3% in physical terms and by 19.4% in monetary terms against 2010.

That helped more effectively shape the budget revenues and for the first time this year pass the 50-billion-rubles threshold in the consolidated budget of the Region.

For the first time over the recent years a significant increase in oil and gas production and mining volumes – 8.1% – was recorded. The recorded unemployment in Tomsk Region in 2011 was 1.8%, which is lower than before the first economic crisis (2.4% in 2007-2008). The average salary in the region was 24,130 rubles in October and 23,267.5 over the 10 months of 2011.

"I hope that at the end of the year we will have stepped over the 24,000 hurdle. That is of primary importance for the public sector workers because the average salary is first of all our target for teachers' salaries. Other categories of public sector workers will follow," said the Governor of Tomsk Region Viktor Kress.

The Governor also informed that according to forecasts, the population of Tomsk Region by the end of the year was to increase by 7,000-7,500 people, including natural increase and migration gain. The figures over the 10 months of 2011 are higher than the forecast. "Birth rate over death rate is 676 and the positive migration balance is 7,223. Adding up, that is plus 7,899 people over the 10 months. So, I believe that for the first time over many years our annual population increase will be more than 10,000."

Source: Tomsk Region Administration
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