Tomsk Power Supply Company the 18th in the national business rating


n the national business rating Tomsk Power Supply Company was listed among the first 20 economy leaders in the category «Energy Distribution». It was put on the 18th position.

The rating was based on an analysis of 646 053 enterprises using official government statistics data. The rating was compiled by Information and Analysis Enterprise «Business Rating» with the support of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The rating is based on criteria such as the sales volume, current assets, gross profit, and accounts payable. The scores under the four criteria are summed up and the lower the total score the higher is the position in the rating.
Head of the Department of Energy of Tomsk Region Administration Vladimir Pronin says that such ratings are essential because they provide the most accurate evaluation of the enterprise’s status in its industry, and drive efficiency improvements.


OAO Tomskaya Energosbytovaya Kompaniya (Tomsk Power Supply Company) is the biggest default provider of energy in Tomsk Region supplying 95.1% of the region’s energy demand. TPSC also does comprehensive energy tracking and develops, organizes, and implements energy saving actions.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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