Private investment in Tomsk research and educational complex totaled 6.5 billion rubles in 2010


«The situation in Tomsk Region is unique in comparison with most Russian regions. Alternative funding of research activity exceeds budgetary spending, and the gap increases each year. In 2010, research investments totaled 10.9bn rubles, including private investment of 6.5bn rubles, and budget funds of 4.4bn rubles. Compare the year 2009 when 9.5bn rubles was spent on research activity (5.6bn rubles of private investment and 3.9bn rubles from the budget)." Aleksey Pushkarenko, Chairman of Tomsk Region Committee for Science and Innovation Policy, speech at the presentation of Tomsk Region innovation potential at Deloitte Moscow office.


Each year the number of small innovative companies in the Region grows. In 2010 alone 58 new companies emerged. For reference: in 2009 — 50, in 2008 — 49, in 2007 — 47, in 2006 — 30, in 2005 — 22. There are about 400 innovative enterprises in total in the Region. Among them 237 high-technology science-driven companies form an «innovative belt» of Tomsk university complex.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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