Tomsk SEZ having cooperation talks with Singapore’s Jurong Consultants


OAO Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type is holding negotiations with the Singaporean company Jurong Consultants (a subsidiary of Jurong International) on the cooperation in the development of the Tomsk SEZ and reserve territories on the Northern (approx. 62 ha) and Southern (approx. 70 ha) Sites, informed the CEO of the SEZ Aleksey Baryshev at a meeting with the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonsky on Wednesday.

"We see Jurong Consultants as a world leader in consulting. We hope for cooperation with them in developing the SEZ and reserve territories on the Southern (approx. 70 ha) and Northern (approx. 62 ha) Sites," says Aleksey Baryshev.

He said that the representatives of Jurong Consultants will arrive in Tomsk on December 2 and 3.

"They manage many science parks and special economic zones in the world, and a lot of facilities not related to SEZs in Singapore," he explained.

He also added that apart from the cooperation with the SEZ Jurong Consultants is considering taking part in the project for the construction of a student campus in Tomsk which has been discussed for a long time.

Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type was created in Tomsk in December 2005 to develop innovations in the fields such as IT and electronics, medicine and biotechnology, and new materials and nanotechnology. The SEZ has two sites ­– Northern and Southern – and occupies a total area of approx. 300 ha.

Jurong Consultants is a branch of Jurong International providing consulting services in the fields such as finance, management, and architecture. Jurong International has implemented projects in more than 40 countries. Its most notable projects include creation of industrial parks in Suzhou (China), Jaipur (India), Abu Dhabi (UAE), etc.

Source: Interfax Siberia
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