Singaporean The Straits Times wrote about the innovation potential of Tomsk Region


The newspaper says, "Tomsk has given the lead to other Russian regions in the establishment of comfortable infrastructure for science intensive enterprises and conducive environment for new startups. Today there are more than 400 innovation companies, several business incubators, commercialization and technology transfer centers. Science intensive production accounts for 20 percent of the GRP. It is 2.5 times higher than the Russian average."

"Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovative Type (SEZ) functioning since 2005 is a pinnacle of Tomsk Region innovation infrastructure. Currently Tomsk SEZ hosts 57 science intensive companies. Their specialization embraces ICT, new materials, nano- and biotechnologies. Local and foreign companies choose Tomsk SEZ to locate their businesses because of attractive business conditions. Benefits for high-tech tenants combine tax incentives and customs exemptions. Overall expenses for a company residing in the Zone may be reduced up to 40%," the newspaper says.

As the article reads, the majority of Tomsk innovative companies are thinking globally, and the Singaporean market is one of their targets. Two Singaporean companies – Vadaro Ltd. and Lite On Group – decided to set up their R&D branches in Tomsk. A Lite On Group's subsidiary produces polycrystalline silicon for solar batteries. "Vadaro is a business built on collaboration. First – between Singapore and Tomsk and then – between Vadaro and its industry partners around the world. Both Vadaro and Lite On Group get access to Tomsk intellectual resources and engineering services to advance their technology developments. This technology is then commercialized through various channels in Singapore and around the globe. This Business Collaboration is at an early stage and is quickly becoming a model for effective and profitable partnerships between Singapore and Tomsk."

"Tomsk has a unique environment in which world class invention lives and thrives. This is due to the big number of academics supporting wide range of pure research but also due to the culture of exploration and discovery that has created a large pool of highly educated and skilled technical professionals. On top of this there is cost advantage in comparison with other world class high tech centers and the Regional government that supports and encourages an entrepreneur" – that is how Andrew Carmody, CEO of Vadaro, answered the question: "Why Tomsk?"

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Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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