Tomsk SEZ presentation to be held in Singapore


On September 25–29, the Tomsk Region delegation will take part in the Russian-Singapore Business Forum which serves as a platform to establish business contacts and develop international relations between Russia, Singapore and other countries.

The Forum will host a roundtable session on industrial parks in Russia where presentation of Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type is scheduled to take place. Information about the region will also be provided at the information stand of Tomsk Region.

According to the Region Department for International and Regional Relations, one of the domains of the Russian-Singapore cooperation is commercialization of Tomsk technologies via Singapore companies, and involvement of large Singapore companies in R&D activity in the Tomsk SEZ. The Forum agenda will also include meetings at the Singapore Trade Development Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board. The Tomsk delegation is going to visit the biotech park Biopolis and the center for oil and gas activities in Jurong Island.

The invitation to take part in the Russian-Singapore Business Forum was extended during the visit of the Singapore Ambassador to Tomsk this May.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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