Singapore’s Jurong Consultants to bring big international companies as residents to the Tomsk SEZ


On November 23, Jurong Consultants presented another phase of the Tomsk SEZ development program in the Engineering Center of the SEZ.

Jurong Consultants' Project Manager Foong Kok Meng presented the results of the strategic analysis of the Tomsk SEZ's current development trend and a development concept for the reserve sites of the SEZ. By the end of 2012 Jurong Consultants will deliver a detailed master plan for the reserve sites.

Aleksey Knyazev, Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region for Research and Education Complex and Innovation Policy commented, "We believe, the SEZ is the last floor of the innovation elevator. No doubt, we will continue to develop. We offered Jurong Consultants to become our partner and work with investors and companies that could be interested in coming to our SEZ as residents. They have not answered yet. But they have shown interest in our potential, primarily human resources. All in all, the negotiations went well."

At the same meeting Jurong Consultants informed that they had started negotiating with some of the world's biggest companies on potential investments in the Tomsk SEZ.

As General Director of the Tomsk SEZ Aleksey Baryshev noted, "The key task for Jurong is bringing big international companies to the SEZ as residents or as investors and promoting the products by our residents in the global market. Jurong has long-term positive experience in managing special economic zones and there is every reason to believe that our cooperation will be successful."

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