Tomsk in TOP-20 most attractive Russian cities


Tomsk was ranked the 13th out of 164 cities of Russia in the Russian Engineers Alliance's 2011 Russian City Attractiveness Rating.

The rating features all Russian cities with the population of 100,000 and more people. The REA used 13 composite indicators such as population growth rate, activity in innovations, transport and utility infrastructure, housing affordability and well-being of the population.

Comments on Tomsk characterize it as a promising city – a center of science and innovations with well-developed electric power and petrochemical industries. For activity in innovations Tomsk was ranked the 9th owing to its special economic zone of technical innovation type and one of the country's most reputed universities Tomsk Polytechnic University. Among the city's innovative companies the experts marked Elecard (participant of the Made in Tomsk project), Siberian Information Systems, etc.

Source: Tomsk City Mayor’s Office Press Service
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