Belostok agricultural production cooperative to build a thousand cow dairy farm by autumn


In October-November Belostok agricultural production cooperative plans to put into operation high-tech livestock breeding complex — a thousand forage-fed cows commercial dairy farm in Pudovka village of Krivosheino district. It’s been 20 years since facilities like this have been built in the Tomsk region.

Sergey Zhvachkin, the governor, laid the symbolic foundation stone of the complex in September 2013. Group of companies Karyeroupravleniye is the head contractor. The 555 million rubles project is executed with the support of regional budget.

Presently 250 million rubles are realized, including 184 million loaned funds. In 2013 as part of dairy production support program, state support amounted to 72 million rubles, in 2014 — 24.2 million. State support will continue along with the investor’s funding.

On July 30 Andrey Knorr, deputy governor for agro-industrial policy and natural resources management, inspected the process of construction. Foundation work is done, water and power supply is ready, and contract for gas supply is signed. Offices and milk receiving facility are built; the construction of cowsheds with maternity barns and young stock facilities, along with silage trenches is soon to be finished. 90 % of equipment is mounted.

“The construction of farm in Pudovka is one of priority investment projects of the Tomsk region and is the first serious dairy industry regional project for the past 20 years. As soon as full capacity is reached,” the new farm will produce up to 5.4 thousand tons of milk per year,” said Andrey Knorr upon visiting the emerging complex.

Vice-governor also visited a stadium under construction in Pudovka. The facility is being constructed as part of “Sustainable growth of the Tomsk region rural areas to 2020” program. Federal budget allocated 2.7 million rubles, regional — 4.6 million, local — 1.6 million rubles.

“The new stadium will be a good addition to the farm being built in Pudovka and will add up to the list of modernized objects of social and communal infrastructure for the village residents and agricultural enterprise employees,” said Andrey Knorr.

He specified that in 2011–2013 with regional and local budget 7.5 km of water supply system in Pudovka were reconstructed, gas distribution network was laid, independent heating system for school and kindergarten was installed, and street lighting system was fully modernized. Next year Belostok agricultural production cooperative plans to fund the construction of housing for the farm employees.

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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