A new building of Tomsk Special Economic Zone resident has been opened at Southern site.


On 19.12.2014 L.Reznikov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region on Industrial Policy opened a new production facility of NPP Stels at the Southern site of Tomsk Special Economic Zone. A new 3 600 m2 facility will house all the units of NPP Stels, including R&D Centre and areas for radio-electronic devices production.

"Stels Company made a great contribution into SEZ development, namely, it constructed that production facility all alone, at its own expense. This is the resident that is expected to become a driving force in the tough economic situation in Russia", said L. Reznikov.

The building has been constructed for three years at company's expense on the land section of SEZ with available transport and engineering infrastructure. Cost of construction amounted to RUB 140 million, cost of equipment made RUB 20 million.

According to A.Shutin, Director of the Company, area enlargement allowed transfer of the production base to a qualitatively new level, installation of modern highly efficient lines of surface and selective mounting of electronic components and integration of new technological processes.

During the opening ceremony A.Shutin, Director of the Company, and N. Glebovich, Head of Regional Department of Industry and Enterprise Development signed a contract on compensation of costs for production upgrading to the sum of RUB 5 million.

"We leased an additional piece of land on the SEZ territory, increased the capacity of a boiler house up to 1 MW. Our plans are ambitious and this support is of great benefit for us", noted A. Shutin.

"We hope that other facilities of SEZ will be commissioned in the nearest future: "NII TEK TPU Bureniye" at the Northern site, "Kristall T", "Stroytehinnovatsii TDSK" at the Southern site", added K. Kaminsky, Head of Tomsk SEZ Managing Company. - Address of this building is Sozidaniye Avenue, 1, to which the Razvitie Avenue leads. Names of these streets are not incidental. I think we will see new addresses here soon".

For reference:

NPP Stels deals with development, production and implementation of intelligent telematic systems for monitoring the distributed objects and is among the leaders at the Russian market of centralized security systems. Key product of the Company is equipment and software for security and fire alarm systems under "Mirazh" trademark. More than 200 thousand facilities in Russia and Kazakhstan are secured using equipment manufactured by NPP Stels.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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