Bubuka Tomsk company to enter the top 50 Russian start-ups


Bubuka is a resident of Druzhba Intercollegiate Student Business Incubator. The company is headed Dmitry Pangayev. Bubuka project is aimed at providing a musical base for businesses, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets as per the existing copyright legislation.

The first stage for the Best Russian Start-Ups selection was a long list of 100 all-industries projects with the highest rating scores as of November 28, 2014. Totally, the RSR evaluated 1,652 startups, with selected 40 IT / Internet / Mobile projects, 20 Hi-Tech, 20 BioTechMed projects and 20 CleanTech projects. The final stage for the Top 50 Start-Ups selection involved a panel of judges from senior managers and founders of large successful Russian companies.

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The Russian Startup Rating is one of the most comprehensive and current information sources of Hi-Tech Russian companies.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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