Tomsk region will become a site for testing the IT systems in forestry industry


According to Agreements, Tomsk region will become a site for developing and testing new IT modules for the forestry industry. After termination of works new software will be allowed to forestry people for free.

Representatives of Rosleskhos (Russian Forestry Industry Board), of RF State Duma, of Siberian regional administrations, heads of IT-clusters, scientists, etc. took part in discussing the prospects of IT support for forestry industry. About 100 specialists from different regions of Russia joined the discussion via video communication. Participants of the meeting discussed new IT-projects aimed at automation of managerial processes in forestry, at optimization of forest districts operation, as well as at development of legislative base for using the IT systems in the forestry management.

At the exhibition organized within the meeting about ten IT companies demonstrated their developments. According to Alexander Gura, Head of Forestry Department for Siberian Federal Okrug, practically all the systems and technologies presented at the meeting have already been used in Tomsk region.

"Our objective is to incorporate IT processes into the overall system of forestry ranging from the forestry areas to the boards of executive authorities", noted he. - Siberia with its enormous forest resources is in need for software that would ensure getting the reliable information. Incorporation of IT systems into the industry would facilitate assessment of the situation and would allow making correct managerial decisions".

Alexander Bibikov, Head of IT Department and Prospective Development of Rosleskhoz in his video address thanked Tomsk people for participation in  development of IT technologies for forestry and for creation of conditions for experience exchange in this sphere.

Discussion focused on the creation of a unified automatic IT system for the forestry industry, including incorporation of operating regional systems into it. Developments in this area were demonstrated both by Tomsk scientists and by large federal boards, such as Institute of Space Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Centre of Ecology and Forests Efficiency (RAS) and others.

"IT industry has an impact both on the quality of state and municipal services provided and on the perfection of control and monitoring systems. Introduction of IT systems reduces labour intensity in forestry, raises efficiency of management and labour efficiency of forestry workers", noted Oleg Lebedev, Deputy of RF Duma, a member of Committee on Natural Resources, Nature Control and Ecology.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration.
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