The law about Industrial Parks has adopted in the Tomsk region


The new document defines a mechanism of regulation of activities on the territory of Industrial parks in the region.

The law includes the concepts of "Industrial Park", "Private Industrial Park", "Resident", "Infrastructure of the Industrial park", "Management company", "Competent authority", and also defines the powers of the region government, competent authority and management company of the Industrial park.

The document defines conditions of assignment, loss of status of Industrial park, standards to the residents, efficiency indicators of Industrial park activity and other.

In the first quarter of next year a number of normative legal acts which regulating the resident activity of the Tomsk Industrial park will be developed. Including an order of assignment of the Industrial park status, register, selection of legal entities and entrepreneurs for the resident status in competitive selection of the Industrial Park Management company and others.


In the Tomsk region creation of Industrial parks is a priority regional project "Development Institutions", initiated by the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey-Zhvachkin. The Tomsk Industrial park is created from 2013 on two platforms with a total area of 138 ha. Delivery and commissioning are planned for the end of 2015.

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