Tomsk Industrial Park welcomes residents


Management company Tomsk Industrial Park is accepting applications from companies willing to become residents of the Park.

The existing law defines an industrial park as a complex of industrial premises, infrastructure, and transport facilities located in a dedicated area, which allows to concentrate industrial enterprises and facilitates industrial development.

The Tomsk Industrial Park consists of two sites.

  • Severnaya (‘nothern’) site has an area of 115.6 ha (~3,000 acres) and houses metalworking, chemical, and construction materials production facilities
  • Berezovaya (‘birch’) site has an area of 22.3 ha (~55 acres) and houses food production facilities.

Currently, Berezovaya site has installed electrical, water and gas supply networks, and sewerage systems. Construction of transmission lines and motor roads is close to completion. The site is scheduled for commissioning in December 2015.

On the Severnaya site construction of transport and infrastructure facilities will be completed in December 2016.

The Tomsk Industrial Park welcomes companies and sole proprietorships registered with the tax authorities in Tomsk Oblast.

Management company Tomsk Industrial Park collects resident status applications.

Tomsk Industrial Park offers the following benefits:

  • Support by the regional and city government
  • Convenient access to public motor roads and a railway station
  • Reduced schedule and expenses for setting up production due to pre-installed infrastructure

Available capacity for connection to electrical and other networks

OOO Management Company Tomsk Industrial Park is located at:

12 Trifonova St.

634050 Tomsk

Tomsk region



Vladimir Shadrin
+7 909 538 9640

Igor Filenkov
Chief Engineer
+7 963 193 9535

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