Chinese party approved a project implementation to create Asinovsky forestry industrial park


The specialists of the Committee for the Control and Management of State Property of the PRC (SASAC) have completed the inspection of work of the CJSC "RosKitInvest" and expressed readiness to continue cooperation with the Tomsk region in the development of forest resources.

According to the SASAC representative, deputy director general of AVIC International Cheng Baozhong, the CJSC "RosKitInvest" was put to the task to make a stock of at least 600 thousand m3 of timber by the end of 2016, ramp up sawmilling up to 200 thousand m3 and produce 40 thousand m3 of peeled veneer. The company plans to launch the medium density fibreboard production plant, as expected, in the second quarter of this year.

"We are grateful to the administration of the Tomsk region for the extensive support to the Russian-Chinese project and intend to fulfill all our commitments on the development of Asinovsky forestry industrial park, which should become the best international project in the field of wood processing", - said Cheng Baozhong.

At the meeting with the Chinese delegation, the Vice-Governor for agricultural and industrial policy and nature management Andrey Knorr confirmed the intention of the regional government to continue supporting the largest investment project in the field of wood processing, subject to the investor fulfilling the requirements of creating the infrastructure of the Asinovsky industrial park, constructing the sewage treatment works and participating in social programs in the region.

Vice Governor represented the plans of development of the transportation, road infrastructure of the region and the prospects of the Tomsk region in the field of international cooperation to the PRC delegation.

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The Committee for the Control and Management of State Property of China (SASAC) is a special committee of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. Created in 2003 instead of the State Board for Property (1988-1998) to reform the state property management and with the aim of promoting the reforms in the state enterprises

Source: Press office of the Tomsk region administration.
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