Expert Council Approved Projects of Tree New Residents of Special Economic Zone Tomsk


The Expert council under the leadership of the deputy Governor of the Tomsk region on investment policy and property relations Yuri Gurdin approved the applications of potential residents of the Special Economic Zone Tomsk (SEZ) with a declared investment volume of over 200 million rubles.

For the status of the resident of the Tomsk SEZ applied OOO Research Center GasInformPlast (development of oil and gas equipment and rendering of services for gas condensate research of wells), OOO Plazmatika (research and services in the field of application of low-temperature (cold) plasma technology) and OOO Research Center Cryotech (development and production of cryogenic equipment for low-temperature dehydrogenation and cooling).

With taking into account new companies the SEZ includes 72 residents.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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