Tomsk Enterprises Supplied to Gazprom Production worth of 12 bln rub


Tomsk enterprises for the last four years supplied to Gazprom enterprises production worth of 12 billion rubles

 “For four years, Tomsk companies supplied equipment to the Gazprom group worth of 12 billion rubles – which is more qualitative and affordable in comparison with the western analogs. The Tomsk region and gas workers were among the first not only in the state import substitution program. We also became pioneers in concluding of special investment contracts”, –  the head of the region Sergey Zhvachkin added.

Currently more than 10 Tomsk enterprises and scientific centers supply industrial equipment and new technologies for the extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons to the gas industry, include without limitation within the framework of previously signed "road maps".

At the same time, Tomsk companies are actively working in four main segments of the technological development of the gas industry: the production of pipeline fittings with intelligent electric drives, modern communication and telecommunications systems, production of automation means for technological processes and autonomous power plants.

"Together with Gazprom, we created a system for conducting operational tests of the new Russian equipment. This system enables Tomsk industrialists to start serial production of new equipment as soon as possible. And to Gazprom - to eliminate technological dependence on imports", – Zhvachkin said.


Source: RIA Tomsk
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