Asino Timber Processing Complex become one of the Priority Projects of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


In 2016 the Russian-Chinese project on creation in Asino the timber processing industrial park, in addition to the AVIC Foresty company (subsidiary of AVIC corporation, owns the Roskitinvest company), entered a new investor – Hubei timber industry company Fuhan. The industrial park will consist of two forestry complexes – TPC Roskininvest, which is being built in Asino, and Beloyars TPC, the memorandum on the construction of which was signed in 2015.

The new investor plans to change the management system of the investment project. Since December of last year Roskintinvest has been carrying out a technological, management and construction audit, which for some time mothballed the company's development plans.

 "Now we form a new team and strategy for the development of the timber industry park for ten years. One of the key tasks – is to build a transparent holding structure, create a platform to attract new residents (investors) to the territory of the Asino timber processing industrial park and efficient production", – said the CEO of AVIC Forestry Luo Kan.

The key events of this year, according to him, will be the full launch of the plant for the production of MDF boards, the construction of combined heat and power plant and railway container platform with a capacity up to 1000 containers per month. In the second half of 2017, the enterprise will begin a designing of the intrasite gas pipeline.

Asino timber processing industrial park, in which already invested more than 20 billion rubles, is included in the roadmap for the concept of creating the innovative territorial center "INO Tomsk" in the Tomsk region, approved by the decree of the government of the Russian Federation. In total, the park should give about 5.5 thousand jobs, for now about two thousand were created.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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