Expert Soviet on Increasing Energy Efficiency will be set up in the Tomsk Region


 This solution have adopted by participants of the meeting “A new technology in small-distributed generation” held in the framework of XIX International Exhibition Congress “Generation. Gasification. Electrotechnics. Ecology. Energy Efficiency in industrial, construction, social fields and housing and public services of the region and the city – 2017”.

 On the meeting, members discussed a new technology in small-distributed generation and its current state. The participants considered a production opportunities of unit elements of power equipment at the common production site, legal and economic aspects of connection to the indivisible generation system.

 In addition, they decided to analyze a possibility of transmission of diesel-run power plants to gas reciprocating power plants in remoted settlements.

Using the offers of Tomsk universities and companies will be created the united realization plan of scientific research and development works in small-distributed generation in the region.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration
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