Tomsk Governor and Chinese Ambassador Put High Value on Collaboration Prospects


Governor of Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of People's Republic of China to Russia Lee Huei held a working meeting in the region administration office.

The meeting was part of a three-day visit of Ambassador to Tomsk Region held after China Ambassador's visit to production facilities of Asinov forest industry park and animal unit of Berezovskaya farm in Pervomaisky district (both investment projects are partially funded by Chinese investments).

 "People's Republic of China is the primary foreign partner of Tomsk Region practically in every industry", Governor Sergey Zhvachkin outlined. "Our region has the biggest sales volume with China, the biggest amount of foreign investments and the biggest number of students from far abroad countries. Last time we met 2 years ago during the presentation of Tomsk Region in People's Republic of China Embassy, in this two years our relations with Chinese partners improved greatly – sales volume has instantly increased by almost 30%".

In 2017 the sales volume between Tomsk Region companies and People's Republic of China amounted close to $110 million and took 19% of total international turnover of the region. Mineral and oil products take more than a half of all export to China, 44 per cent of supply is lumber products and the rest is electric machines, industrial equipment and food products. Tomsk import from China mostly includes food products, machines and fabric. Export of Tomsk products to People's Republic of China amounts to $81.6 million, import from China – $27.5 million.

Sergey Zhvachkin and Lee Huei had a separate discussion about implementation of forest and agricultural investment projects, in particular they considered the issues that resulted in replacement of one of the investors.

Governor of Tomsk Region pointed out that there are about 40 Chinese companies in lumber treatment business, the biggest of them are RusKitInvest company that has already invested 23 billion rubles in Asino forest industry park. The first veneer sheet production lines with the capacity of 100 thousand m3 per year and lumber factory were constructed (220 thousand m3). MDF plant is in progress of facility commissioning with the capacity of 200 sq. m. of plates per year (technically the production began in 2016). Tax revenues received from Asino forest industry park in 2017 amounted to 231 million rubles, insurance payment was over 192 million rubles.

Russian-Chinese agricultural holding Tomsky last year set up Berezovskaya farm by reconstructing animal production unit with 1000 livestock cattle capacity. Investors are busy constructing a dairy unit with 5000 milking cattle capacity and producing cattle food reserve, for this purpose they implemented 12 thousand hectares of agricultural land and purchased machines. Chinese business invested in agricultural industry of Tomsk Region about 500 million rubles.

The Governor brought up the topic of scientific educational and cultural collaboration during the meeting with the Ambassador.

"We have a Confucius Institute in National Research Tomsk State University. The Chinese party considers it as the best in Russia. There are more than 500 students from People's Republic of China studying in Tomsk higher institutions and their number is increasing every year", pointed out Sergey Zhvachkin.

"Two years ago during the presentation of Tomsk Region in Chinese Embassy I spoke about a Tomsk cossack Ivan Petlin and his expedition to Beijing in 1618. 400 years ago this expedition laid foundation of trading and diplomatic relationships between Russia and China. This anniversary year a group of Tomsk travelers and journalists will have a motor rally on Ivan Petlin's route", said Tomsk governor to Chinese Ambassador and invited him on 12 August to visit historical reconstruction and presentation of the motor rally at Russian Cultural Center in Beijing.

Lee Huei expressed his gratitude to Sergey Zhvachkin for a hearty reception and his personal contribution to bilateral relations.

"2018 is the year of transregional cooperation with Russia. Many Russian regions take part in this big job and Tomsk Region takes one of the major places in it", pointed out Ambassador Lee Huei. "We also see you and your team having interest in strengthening the cooperation with People's Republic of China in different fields: trade, economics and education. We are ready to develop cooperation with Tomsk Region."

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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