The Governor of the Tomsk Oblast and the Head of the Inter RAO Have Signed a New Cooperation Roadmap


The governor of the Tomsk Oblast Sergey Zhvachkin and the chairman of the board of Inter RAO Boris Kovalchuk signed a new roadmap for expanding the use of Tomsk products and technologies for subsidiaries of the energy holding.

The signing of the document for a new term with a five years duration (2018-2022) took place in the Administration of Tomsk Oblast. When approving the roadmap, the head of the region recalled that the first such agreement between Tomsk Oblast and Inter RAO was signed by in 2014. Summing it up, the Governor emphasized that the volume of interaction increased nine fold over the four years.

"In 2014, the volume of cooperation between Tomsk enterprises and power engineers was only 150 million rubles. And in 2017 it reached 1 billion 347 million rubles! - stressed the governor of Tomsk Oblast Sergey Zhvachkin. - Many Tomsk enterprises are actively involved in teamwork: "Mikran", "NII PP", "Sibersky electromachinostroitelny zavod" and others. Tomsk residents supply radar protection systems to power engineers, LED lamps, tools, and reagents for flushing heat exchanging equipment, electric motors, temperature control devices and much other innovative equipment of the international standard".

Commenting on the new roadmap, the chairman of the Inter RAO board, Boris Kovalchuk, noted that its emergence is the result of over-fulfillment of the plans stipulated by the previous agreement.

New roadmap means not only innovative cooperation but also the creation of settlement centers in the Tomsk Oblast, which will increase the transparency of the funds' flow and will improve the quality of citizens' services. We create such centers in the regions on the instructions of the President of Russia. And this will be another step in our close, long-term cooperation with the Tomsk Oblast," said Boris Kovalchuk.

The Tomsk Governor and the Head of Inter RAO expressed confidence in the further growth in the Tomsk products supply to energy enterprises.


The roadmap for expanding the use of Tomsk products and technologies for the needs of Inter RAO provides for a special interaction mechanism that enhances the access of Tomsk Oblast enterprises to the procurement of companies of the Inter RAO group. Tomsk enterprises and research centers intend to develop new high-tech equipment, including replacement imports, for the production needs of the energy holding.

The Tomsk Oblast is the first region of Russia that used the road maps mechanism for interaction of local manufacturers of industrial products and technologies with large Russian corporations.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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