The Final Stage of the Authority Transfer For Managing the OEZ to the Regional Level Has Started


Central Bank of Russia decided upon the state registration of an additional issue of ordinary registered uncertified shares of AO “SEZ TVT Tomsk”.

According to the Deputy Governor of Tomsk Oblast on investment policy and property relations, Yuri Gurdin, “as a result of this decision, facilities under construction in the North and South sites of the Tomsk special economic zone and the funds for their completion will be transferred to the authorized capital of the AO “SEZ TVT Tomsk” within a month.

The transfer of assets will make it possible to resume work on the creation of the Expocenter and the Engineering Center, as well as other infrastructure facilities as early as Q3 2019”.

Also, the Vice-Governor noted that the development of the infrastructure of a special economic zone will increase its attractiveness for potential residents, and will also contribute to the formation of a new business center on the South site.

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