Three Companies Prolong ASEZ Tomsk Resident Status


At the end of 2021 Ambit, Solveig Multimedia, and Telebriz prolonged the action of agreements on performing activities connected with technological development within the territory of the Special Economic Zone Tomsk.  For the other companies, the term of the agreement has not run out yet.

The enterprises will continue to perfect the products they developed at the territory of ASEZ Tomsk, as well as plan to create new ones for the changing needs of the market.

According to the director of the company - Ambit, Evgeniy Krochmal, the main advantage of the resident status is the opportunity to use the finished infrastructure of the ASEZ, good quality manufacturing, and office facilities, featuring spacious parking lots and foodservice outlets.

The company began its work in ASEZ by renting lab and production facilities, and now its production is located in a separate building of the former inspection block of the customs complex.

As the financial and administrative director of Telebriz, Vladislav Marchenko noted, the status of a resident gives the opportunity to work in comfortable office facilities with a rent rate that is considerably lower than on average in Tomsk.  “Also, the status of an ASEZ resident provides innovative positioning, which allows our company to successfully work with international clients, among others” – he emphasized. 

Over sixty companies currently work in ASEZ Tomsk, forty of which have resident status.

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