Russian Government Allocates 1.64 Bln Rubles For Road Projects In The Tomsk Region


By the order of the Russian Federation government, the Tomsk Region will receive an additional 1.64 bln rubles from the federal center for building, the reconstruction of roads, and the realization of the national project “Safe and high-quality roads” in 2021-2022. 

The reconstruction of the highway connecting Kamaevka – Asino – Pervomayskoye continued last year with support from the federal government, which allocated half a billion rubles to the project.  New additional federal funds will help finish the reconstruction of the road by 2022.  We are talking here about one of the key regional highways which connects Tomsk with the eastern parts of the region.

All the planned works on remodeling power and communication lines, grading, three temporary detours and 12 reinforced concrete pipes were completed in 2020 along this section of road, designated for the first stage of the reconstruction.

The road workers will conduct remodeling of utility lines, installation of pipe culverts and temporary roads on the section of the road, designated for the second stage of the reconstruction.

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