Supervisory Council Approves Perspective Development Plan of Advanced Special Economic Zone Seversk


A prospective development plan for the Priority Social and Economic Development Area - Seversk, has been presented to the local supervisory council by Nikolay Pegin, the director of asset management company, Atom-TOR.

Specialists of AO Atom-TOR, the administration of the Tomsk Region and Closed Administrative Territorial Unit Seversk all took part in developing this strategic document.

According to the medium-term forecast more than 1200 jobs are expected to be created in ASEZ Seversk over the next 10 years.  Around 40 new residents with more than 15 bln rubles have the potential to gain large investments here.  With that said, the total volume of investments into infrastructure should amount to more than 2 bln rubles and the volume of tax proceeds to be contributed to budgets (of all levels) – will be 11.5 bln rubles.

As Nikolay Pegin noted, further joint collaboration with the Seversk administration, along with the town-forming enterprise SCC and the asset management company Atom-TOR will allow for a perspective plan of development of ASEZ Seversk under the name, “Project office”, which provides a set of out-of-the-box solutions for typical tasks and project approaches.

At this time, 12 residents with a joint volume of investment commitments around 1.8 bln rubles are bringing their projects to life in ASEZ Seversk.  When they reach project capacity, it will have created more than 400 new jobs.

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