New Constant Zone Boundaries Of Customs Control In The Tomsk Special Economic Zone Building Has Been Defined


Starting October 28th 2021, the procedure of free customs zone will apply only in the experimental laboratory building in the Center of Innovations and Technologies of Tomsk SEZ, and in the engineering center – in a section of the basement level.

The measures to optimize the borders of the customs control zone were carried out on the basis of the needs of the current residents: the goods transferred by the residents to the customs procedure of the free customs zone are located in these very premises. For the enterprises which do not use the procedure of the free customs zone, the declaration of the incoming and outgoing tangible assets is no longer required. The zones of customs control borders in the above-mentioned buildings were optimized in order to reduce the administrative burden for residents and participants of operations carried out on the territory of the SEZ. In the building of the innovative center the constant zone of customs control remains within the previous borders, as in this building the procedure of free customs zone is applied by several enterprises, which are not located in one segment.

The possibility of applying the free customs zone remains for all residents of the northern and southern locations of Tomsk SEZ, but in a more optimal model that takes into account the current needs of businesses. The application of the free customs zone has already allowed the enterprises to save 286 million rubles.

Recall that according to Section 1 of Article 201 of the "Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union", the customs procedure of the free customs zone is a customs procedure applied to foreign goods and union goods, according to which these goods are transferred and used within the territory of the special economic zone or its part without payment of customs duties, taxes, special, anti-dumping and countervailing duties under the conditions of placing goods under this customs procedure and using them according to this customs procedure. (Section 1 Article 201 of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union").

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