Tomsk Companies To Receive Grants For Partially Compensating Loan Expenses


The fund of industry development of the Tomsk Region began accepting applications for financial support in the form of grants for industrial entities for partially compensating expenses connected to loan interests, taken out for working capital financing.

According to the decision of the headquarters of the Tomsk Region industry support, the partial compensation is carried out for the interest payable for the period from April 20, 2022 until December 31, 2022 and, in fact, paid by the industrial entity.

The amount of grant is up to 90% of the interest paid, but no more than the amount of key interest rate, active on the date of the payment.  The total amount of financial support for one grant receiver – no more than 15.233 mln. rubles.

For all questions regarding reception of state support, please contact: Tomsk, Yeniseyskaya str. 37, office 304, 306, phone 98-40-20, 98-40-41.

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