Russian Federation Presidential Envoy and Tomsk Governor Evaluate Speed of Atomic Project Proryv (Breakthrough) Delivery


During the work trip to the Tomsk Region, RF presidential envoy in Siberian Federal District Anatoliy Serishev and governor Vladimir Mazur visited Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit Seversk.

The envoy became acquainted with the activities of Siberian Chemical Combine and discussed with the management of SCC the future development of the enterprise.

Anatoliy Serishev and Vladimir Mazur paid special attention to the realisation of Proryv project, which is directed towards achieving new quality of the atomic energy industry, development, production and industrial implementation of the closed nuclear fuel cycle.

RF presidential envoy and the governor of the Tomsk Region visited the construction site of pilot and demonstration energy complex with a fast fission reactor BREST-300, constructed within the framework of the Proryv project.  The construction of the innovative object began in 2014, the expected in-service date is 2029.  This large-scale project, directed at development of safe and reliable atomic energy industry will contribute to further strengthening of the technological independence of Russia.


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