Tomsk Region To Repair More Than Two Hundred And Forty Kilometers Of Highway In 2022 National Road Project


The plan in 2022 is to bring into compliance more than 220 kilometers of regional highways in Tomsk, Shegarka, Kolpashevo, Molchanovo, Bakchar, Chaino, Verhneketsk, and Parabel counties.  The highway engineers will continue repairing the main highways, included in the core road network: Tomsk – Kargala – Kolpashevo, Tomsk – Mariinsk, Melnikovo – Kozhevnikovo – Izovka.  Also, the reconstruction of 36.2 km of highway between Kamaevka, Asino, and Pervomayskoye will continue within the framework of the national project. 

Eleven segments of the street-road network, fourteen kilometers in total length, will be repaired in Tomsk.  While forming the plan, priority was given to transport arteries remote from the central part.

Besides, in the current year, within the framework of the national project "Safe and High-Quality Roads" the contractors will get started on repairing the overhead road on the Kuzovlevo highway and major renovation of the Kommunalniy bridge.  The overhead road will be open for transport in 2022 and the structure of the Kommunalniy bridge will be renovated in 2022-2023. 

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