Four Hundred and Thirty Million Rubles Invested Into Tomsk Region Fish Industry In Ten Years


The volume of fish processing in the Tomsk Region compared to 2012 grew by almost four times and amounted to five thousand tons last year.

Tomsk fish plants and entrepreneurs currently produce more than four hundred and fifty items of fish products.  Ten new types of products were presented on the market only last year, including canned sterlet sturgeon.  The share of local raw products in the structure of fish processing grew to 44% as a result of increasing the catching of river fish and opening a canning factory.

 These high results have been achieved thanks to the realization of the regional state program, which provides for a complex approach to developing the fish industry, and during its term in 2014-2021 more than 50 enterprises received support for the total amount of 174.9 mln rubles.

For example, last year with the help of the regional budget, the main processing enterprises of Tomsk, Seversk, and Tomsk Region renewed the equipment fleet for deep fish processing, in the Napas village of Kargasok county fish reception point with a one hundred and thirty cubic meters chilling room was launched and six special refrigerated trucks were purchased.


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