Investments in the Economy of the Tomsk Region Increased by 11% in 2023


The total capital investments for the full range of companies of the Tomsk Region amounted to RUB 148.5 billion in 2023 - 11% growth in comparable prices than in 2022.

Such sectors as mineral extraction – 25.6% (RUB 31.9 billion), manufacturing – 25.1% (RUB 31.3 billion), transportation and storage – 11.3% (RUB 14.1 billion), and real estate transactions – 11.1% (RUB 13.9 billion) traditionally account for the largest shares in the capital investments structure broken down by large and medium businesses.

The investment growth is driven by the increase in financing of the large subsoil users’ production plans, production of finished metal products, machinery and equipment, computers, electronic and optical devices, beverages, and housing construction.

In recent years, the region has experienced stable growth of the manufacturing investments with the share increase from 15.7% in 2020 to 25.1% in 2023. This indicates the structural economic change and the long-held trend towards the non-resource sector development.

The small business’ share of the total capital investments was 16.1% that points to their active role in the regional economy.

The investment leaders among the municipal formations of the Tomsk Region are: city of Tomsk (RUB 41.5 billion), Parabel (RUB 13.8 billion), Tomsk (RUB 13.5 billion), Aleksandrovskoye (RUB 12.8 billion), and Kargasok (RUB 8.4 billion) Regions.

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