Investment Legislation

The main law, regulating the investment activity on the territory of Tomsk Region, is the Tomsk Region Law №29-ОЗ from 18.03.2003 “On state support of investment activities in Tomsk Region”. A number of normative legal documents have been adopted in order to execute the above-mentioned Law.

Last edition 16.10.2007

Tomsk Region Governor's Resolution № 140 of 16.10.2007

«On procedure for making and maintaining the register of the Tomsk Region investment projects»

Last edition 04.06.2007

Tomsk Region Governor's Order № 294-р of 04.06.2007

«On approving the procedure for appraisal and methods of appraisal of effectiveness of investment projects»

Last edition 27.06.2005

The Tomsk Region Administration Order №150-рa of 27.06.2005

On Approval of the Large Investment Projects in the Tomsk Region

Last edition 27.05.2003

Tomsk Region Chief Administrator's (Governor's) Resolution № 120 of 27.05.2003

«On the Coordinating Council for support of investment activities and granting state guaranties»

Last edition 18.03.2003

Tomsk Region Law № 30-ОЗ of 18.03.2003

«On granting additional tax allowances to organizations making investments within the territory of Tomsk Region»

Last edition 18.03.2003

Tomsk Region Law № 31-ОЗ of 18.03.2003

«On investments tax credit in Tomsk Region»

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