Center for research and innovations to be built on SEZ Southern Site


Construction of a center for research and innovations started in Tomsk SEZ (near Akademgorodok). This will be the third building for Tomsk SEZ residents financed from the federal budget.
The new building will have the same architectural concept as the other buildings and structures in the SEZ. It will have five floors and an underground car park. Total area with the car park will be 15,600 sq.m.

The new building will accommodate offices of companies working in biotechnology and medicine, both current residents (OOO MCLS, OOO IPHAR, etc.) and newcomers. The plan is to create over 400 new jobs in the building.
The new center for research and innovations will host a multi-user research assistance center with offices and laboratory rooms furnished with state-of-the-art equipment — a so called barrier zone. The barrier zone will include laboratories for various applications, small scale trial production rooms, and cell bank rooms meeting the latest international standards.

Construction will be completed by late 2012. Currently, work on the site is earthworks, and preparatory works.
At the same the following facilities are being built on the Southern Site.

  • internal utilities (energy, communications, water supply, and sewage) and internal roads and passages
  • building for Engineering Center laboratory
  • Southern Site and customs infrastructure fencing
  • new transformer station and related HV line
Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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